Wound management


COLDEX® is a highly effective temporary skin substitute with unique absorptive properties for the treatment of burns and injuries and the prevention of wound contamination. COLDEX® is especially recommended for all fresh large area wounds when primary wound closure is not possible or undesirable as for instance complicated fractures with extensive damage to the soft tissue, after fasciotomies, infected injury wounds, chronic ulsers, 3rd degree burns, etc...


COLDEX®Extra is an open-cell polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) hydro foam. The interlinked pores are optimized for the treatment of wounds by means of negative pressure (NPWT). 

COLDEX®Extra is moistened with sterile water and has an advantageous low pH.

In connection with a freely chosen and suitable vacuum therapy system with negative pressure between 80 mmHg and 150 mmHg,  COLDEX®Extra causes the reliable removal of wound exudate from the wound.


Coldex®Extra is suitable to be used on almost all skin defects to promote granulation tissue formation. 
Coldex®Extra can be applied to:

  • ŸTraumatic wounds with delayed primary closure
  • Surgical wounds with delayed primary closure
  • ŸComplicated wounds (bone exposed)
  • ŸInfected wounds, with or without bone exposed, after debridement
  • ŸSternal wounds after median sternotomy, without the risk of direct
  • contact to the heart or greater vascular tissues
  • Superficial flame burns or scalds
  • ŸFixation of free or pedicle skin flaps, split and full thickness skin grafts 
  • ŸFixation of skin substitutes, skin allografts, artificial skin, cultured and  tissue engineered skin
  • ŸFistula, but only after surgical inspection and/or exploration
  • ŸLeg ulcers, based on venous insufficiency (VLU)
  • ŸDiabetic ulcers, with or without neuropathia (DFU)
  • ŸPressure sores, after surgical debridement of necrotic tissue
  • ŸPilonidal sinus
  • ŸPyoderma gangrenosum
  • ŸPalliative wound treatment, but not wounds based on malignancy, induced by carcinoma or metastases


Coldex®Extra is composed of 100% High-Tech Medical Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA).

Coldex®Extra is a hydrophilic foam with super absorbent and fluid retaining qualities and therefore suitable for effective removal of wound exudate together with cellular and tissue debris. Coldex®Extra has a favorable influence on the formation of new blood vessels and healthy granulation tissue by uninterrupted drainage from the wound bed of wound exudate and debris with inflammation mediators. Down-regulation of excessive inflammation within the wound bed will have a favorable influence on the healing tendency.


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