Every day abdominal and pelvic operations are performed using RETRACTORPAD®, MONDOMED's® exclusive "intestines cushion" guaranteeing optimal exposure of the surgical area whilst possessing excellent absorptive qualities.

Immunologically inert and gamma-sterilized, RETRACTORPAD® is pliable, easily adapts to a perfect fit and if necessary can be cut to size without shredding loose fibres as is the case with cotton gauzes.

It possesses anti-slip properties, and prevents ballooning of the intestine during surgery. The soft texture prevents contact-trauma. The optimal form guarantees no pressure on the retro-peritoneal vessels and no indirect pressure on the diaphragm.


RETRACTORCOVER has been developed to cover the retractor and better protect all organs. It is the appropriate solution to protect tissues and organs from the point and the blade of the retractor. In addition, the reflection of light is reduced and the stability of the retractor is enhanced because it does not slip away after having been inserted.

The PVA RETRACTORPAD® and RETRACTORCOVER are immunologically inert, Gamma-sterilized,

double wrapped in a peel-pack package and Pre-moisturised.


RESOMED® is a Femoral Canal Tampon, used in total hip surgery.

This tampon is designed for use in the preparatory stage for the femur shaft. After preparation of the femoral shaft, it can be plugged with the RESOMED® tampon until the prosthesis is ready for insertion. Made of high quality Polyvinylalcohol, the RESOMED® tampon is able to absorb body fluids and assist haemostasis. The material is immunologically inert and gamma sterilized. RESOMED® is delivered in a dry compressed form.


The CLEANPAD removes fluids and debris easily and efficiently from otolaryngological instruments.


The PVA Surgical Headband helps the staff in the O.R. to absorb quickly sweat and to produce a cooling effect.


The DIAMOND KNIFE CLEANING BLOCK is made of high quality PVA, a fiber free material with a high absorption capacity. It helps remove blood and cellular debris to eliminate damage to the diamond during the cleaning process.


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