FRACTOMED® is an advanced splinting device specially developed for orthopaedic purposes.

Main benefits are the very fast and easy application: when placed in the Mondomed® steamer, just after 2 minutes, the FRACTOMED® material becomes soft and ready for moulding.  Once taken out of the steamer the material regains its rigidity and retains its moulded shape after 2 to 3 minutes.

In addition FRACTOMED® is also:  

  • hypoallergenic
  • shock and crack-proof
  • 10 times lighter than plaster but at the same time much stronger
  • unlimited remouldable without losing its characteristics
  • easy to apply and easy to remove even in the most demanding  situations
  • it can be trimmed and reshaped whenever necessary
  • it is radiolucent to X-rays
  • it “breathes”



FRACTOMED® LITE, developed by MONDOMED®, is a rapid response ready-to-use splint for very fast and accurate first aid and emergency  interventions and can be applied in any situation and under the toughest conditions.


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